Sunday, April 20, 2014

the swells

ACKACK nnneck shorter th
an ACKACK felt the lung sh
ore an ACK an off the
ACK ton sardine floppy on
yr ACKACK bagel what I
sw allowed ACK an swall
ow ACKACK net of eyes
sees it’s going d own it’s
ACKtify it’s ACKtivate it’s
“triple” time ACK T ACK
poking through my pockACK
et emporate ACKACK an
clawing at my lunch ACK
smears the mirror sweat ACK
told the last shirt ACK
or ACKACK or ACKnchor
the sticky change left in
yr pants


la colina

as piration ,the sol
id comb the ,aspi
ration aspi rina f
ading thru the com
b you c hew the
aspirina’s h air the
coughing leg’s raised
before your facial air
o che w the faci
al sing ulation son
deada de tu tos tu
leg al t heft jus
t try to kick the
coughing face

...embadurnado de...

the rabbits

failing this ,yr shorter lout
inhabits will inhabit was the
shortcut layers in your shorts
are inside out was fill with
sand and shorter hairs the
layers will and fountain’s
sand mailed across the g
lobe will burn the hair your
knotted feet were what
lout will say the week
returns the shortest hairs
were what you’re spitting
out yr mouth

“on the way”


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