Monday, April 28, 2014

the shitless

tor que ,l adder wh at
for kstain shshad ows
,ent the sh orter eritis
f lames ,a h alt c
loud or ,n ate the win
d’s ey e ,run gs an spl
spl inters c rashing on the
c locke d own r oof , 
,w as s et o pen a t
a ,dampl itude see ping
,thr u the at tic p ages
,of my neg ckck tw ist up
to see ad...

the seems

crush an sweat ,the highly
one ape resuscitation or
your ,w ash nec k ,th
e d ream tre e so w ring yr
shirt ,its fog it’s ,dime-
like ,as burgers’s ,only
saw jus t he wall a strum of
soap ,of testosteronly ads
of hair and leeches ES
TORNUDO y el cáncer
de mi ojo inderecho el
gus ano del pizquierdo
ven lo que no me han de
vuelto y lo que me llega
orondo ,y me ronda por
la noche ahogada de humo

))) gerencia...

the sizzler

the “H”er sed ,the or was s
lab baloney shining on the
window s ill yr tongue’s H
yr Houch fHlaming in
th brhight mhorning hHeat
.yr Hhand’s blHood’s drhunk
yr oHpen mhouth bhurps up
H’its mhirror so wHat’s you
sahw’s a bHarking a
Harfing a wHoofing
))or what’s drawn upon the wHall

...the suit form’s H...


in xóchitl

épica la





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