Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Espejo del Pacha

less b linking please your
thighness ,sleeping ,oddled
nor the stone gristle ,i
t’s .yr hole cone ,er
fleshy eyen ,seen thet
take-home s talling in
,¿yr shoe? )))))))))a cor n a
tters in the show]≈er≈[
br uma aho gada el ,oj
ito ,enre vesado ,oda se
ver ne ,en su escon
dite ,peluca ,por
quería de pala cio ~Ø~
¡ay my qualming legs!
seen’s the gravel ,quiv
ering in your bed ,,┌─┐,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

...en las cumbres, un cuerpo santo.
- Garcilasso de la Vega, el Inca

Knot Mirror

yr lungg forkk seized ─=Ω
ah my dog’s shower gate the
m ending path er an ...~~..~... . . .
where yr 2 way b reathed
sandwiched in the swOllen
meat sp l ashed
d own in fo rm ),d,r,i,,
,b,,b,,l,e,,d,,( inesencia ,clo
wn crow ned ,alked bot
h ways \ / )yr quipu
novel( )that’s what I
said( the soaking rug ,al
voelar shaking ,epin eph
rin and yr coughing-stebps

“return your lunch” X

...y los nhudos guardaban.
- Guamán Poma de Ayala

Snot Mirror

ah haanh ,she cheese eh
¡ t’wun nur’egga was ,er
abpt uh ch’angers d’og
folded ,unh yes .pale
,an yessoed inna bucket
.ere’s me ,curdly an
wadtter ,foggy inna
saldt .)¡sal de quí ,ho
rita!( my nosdtril g
asification my drimp my
obvi rento wheel s tored
the rank’s soup the
bail Ω clangclanking
on yr e m b p t y stebps

aw haw urinous door...
- H. P. Lovecraft


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