Wednesday, March 6, 2013


sh ards ,and saw the feet
hell crystall mocky
nest smouldering on the
roof ^~~ )yr tous
lled name( BEATING
IN MY sweltered neck

)splinters of glass in the water( ( ( ( (

-Franz Kafka


too th r ake ,dow ned
cl oud voi ce tr
ickling from yr sou
p the ))shroud(( be
fore the wind ow’s
c lotted light your
shining face the lam
p’s c ream st orm m m

...áscuas, seda...
-Rubén Darío


my soTTed seed lunch gape
across The Table was a
Tree Torn )beside the
wind~~( )my damp cl
own shorts( .....
)))O lick the f l o o r S______________

Touch ... uh ... sp i T ... . .
- Nick L. Nips

swallowed espejo

ek hiss d on
torn suker
- shape my suit -
)its heaving fog(
ponential thro
at grb

turning down the esophagus

- Juan Ángel Italiano


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