Thursday, March 21, 2013


minced apt camel
and the heat rip
ples ,socks ,lithal
sckullgril .yr med
icinal sandwich yr
lim nar stre am

evinced tele
phone ah fick
le spool past’s
the docks lip an
stool girl’s box
chop sharp

totem boo th
th e son ic tub
e ar sir cha
meleon sit an
drool her .ice tra
ject iriorates

dent ations ,capit
skullism flown up
.the libid words
trickled fool g
ull the mos ki
quito tivity

b rush s ays sq
uabble ay the eng
ine meal ex
aust breath bit
.spira c ripple
tool whirl ,alaxia

vege hoard yr
kimchi tripled poo
l wor ld ,lithopoly
,fusion pathoeats
o explody popsicle
)other mayo texts(

)listless mule stirs(
beyond apoca mono
glutative circular
of englush ,uncooked
the termites yowling
in a oioioioi oi oi oi

imirriimiirrii clo
ud popula an a
ambig time o trip
led rule grill !
even sneezes even
meat maze ideas

...reflux another else...
- Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 40, 2013


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