Friday, October 21, 2011

moth leg hunt
hash luster s
ink ≈ burbling
like your ear
jerks all night
the radish cl
og the ≈ drain th
e sodden wings ≈
swirl down ou
tta si

p lush h am d
ribble it’s a
inky c hew a
gr itty st em
wall et c huff
wit h st ew
an shredded s-

dugn musick shone the
phone dink ,clotter ,aff
arfing in the frac
tunal mis espinitas
turn aside ,at me
,o tinkling in the
shadows stop the
rot for me

the roof craw the
top nutter crash
ed aloud my
leg was splashed
.I drew the rab
bits in my poc
ket up ,or a c
up of muddy

ouch rabbit clos
et banging all
night tus migas
retenidas o con
ejito díme si
mi doorknob
rattles just
for me

cash humper do
ombre sin la
h silla de su
sombra ond
ulante the kni
feedged coins
roll an g lint
a c r o s s
the floor

lucre mosquerosa mi
motonaca ,cácaras
.tres los tristes tres
]la tumba[
con un lápiz de oro y cerote

sombra pulcra
toast and bullets
the fuel
foco funambulesco
and the grinning

in the crumpled window a
pes the shadow of your
lunchmeat boils the hair I
scraped up out the plug h
ole saw a sky relfection
grey an orange a ladder
hanging off a roof my
eastern eye was ice my
western omelette dro
p p ing chunks of ham

blaze of furry gasoline my
cogote en llamas sin cabeza
foundered in the cave where
clouds begin my mind of
sight congoja ,pelambre
,barniz de lumbre y as
pirina ,foco que cae a
shade snapping in the wind


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