Wednesday, October 12, 2011

see me stumped see me
flocked me see me
et ched nor lispy at
the bowl’s edge me
see the writhing mist the
streaming blood or see
me holding a wiener in
my shoe o see me w
riting the mustard on yr
w a l l l /

ton gue suit fracas c
loudy mute convection
said a steamy pile a
sticky bandage f
olds beside the to
aster st
arts to ~ burn

must crawl soggy chair
leg pistol throated me
at p lug the dog’s m
ist frying up in lunched
quick book on fire [~]

neg act ive sum mer
bees los a bejorros que
mi taza llenan mud ras ol
vidadas a mis labios de
hule walked across the ki
tchen floors _. . . . ._

b end in tocular the
s pat Џ gl ass far f
ull ar f em pty I st
are atta tab le jour c’est
fin i in atl drib ping o
ff the e d g e

lunge crust lunge lake lunge
ham lunge fork lunge mutt
lunge smelt lunge tore the
cur tain down the lunge
dust lunge lake lunge damn
lunge pork lunge gut lunge
pelt lunge door lunge the


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