Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my chewed snore
crap heel
dim you
warped an slimed

lupt gagot imed
shirty fuzz a
muttered butt
on suck it s
uck it ‘s

rul e of o ne w
all )bed( wall o w
m rat itification
spr ay ≈ the tu
b rims’ mu d f ills
the pl ugu labulation

steep skin the la under
neck tightyturned
teléfono es un
nogalítico un pieloscopio
-- que ve o the ex
capation ,no more w
ash e d

saw an straw
urn met
clink clin
k raving loo
t min ding
orth otick )l

let hun beest m ope
dog c ram whee ,dle
forayn sugar h old
hem c lose t im
e momma’s face

s and y moan
me utter
wasp n
et slu g
sp ender en

raft loz enge
)mur dur o( pen
sieve un )slept(
uh uh )ham f(
ractal “hocks”


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