Wednesday, October 5, 2011

my mitey shade my
ask you lóbulo te
mporal mis mimos
minimistas coa
gulados en el po
zo triangular tu
cara reactiva
. . . . . . . . .

sordo .pleasance .core
mist towel ventanal
ur shame g
lut gargantal
pulso .pómulo .pencil

shot the shone
pull .melt nit
crasa blanca
o my shoulder hurt

)¿dog socks?(

shed ,neck ,gate
dud ,todo ,entry
shape ,pulso ,fog
shirt ,clot ,teem

shorter meat my
carnumption b
lanks the mono
‘s golden teeth
lo que come
he forgets

my mud my chew my
,chafes the es
calera azul the
sozinho supe so
zinho es crevo y
cuervo y

seeming thudly halfsmit
en tered the floody ch
amber stacks of ph
onebooks mildew the

my h ushed so baco
your sleeping bean
my lapsed tortilla
en el lago nada

shutter should .neck
.comillo .tant pis .nor
mal ,cerilla ,tuna can
.sees the shorter

your sore chorizo lung muscles
through the lapdog g g tasted
fog inside her eye a mildewed
lightbulb ticks beneath my ch
air some twitching g g hairs ~
~ ~ ~ ~ inhale the hopping
cor n uts and stand be
side the falling plaster their
meatless words sizzling in the

my age hapnetic diploid buns
slumping in the sink crowned
with flies jejenes con su c
anto minifaldas abrí la vent
ana gritty wind twisted in
~ ~ Ҩ my clustered burfday
settles in the corners )snore I
left was shouting( fraca flaca
,nimiero ,nonadada ,numen
e n t e



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