Sunday, February 18, 2018

la mierda de siempre
cadaver of endless time
- Ivan Argüelles

socks burning on the grave your
hot shat leg boiled off a
chained lake the shape you
drank stones stretched the heels
¿a present so small it don't exist
you “live in the past” but
past happened already it don't
exist future not happened yet
it don't exist you “live in the
future” has passed already
when are you when are you
writing this? la mierda inmortal
tod o mort-disant “so
squints a beak...of decimated
canine pulp”- I.A.
shoe's tongue
taste my blood
air fills yr clucking pants grease
filthy seconds” at the wheel
flies running in clouds” - I.A.
turning of your face's
turning : a shoe cancer dreams a
boat was the dream of
roots crawling in a coffee cup

flesh blanket
stones and wind


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