Thursday, February 22, 2018

the electrician's thick luggage

the blistered wires tre
mble in your wall a
blunch of inslulation slwallows
“cocks of gold” a sting
ray rises from the toilet was a
cloud of afterglue “said your
armpit fork” MEAT MEET
METE )half the voters clay(
if guns were voices ,tongues
burn in the switches I
aimed outside the fuse
buzzing target
mute and flaps

against a curb
blooming and snored
was dogs lay down
dreamed of children
dream of children is
leaves swirling on
steps a crowd
pushes talking and
yelling the wires the
dream of the wires is a
sunset snake coiling in
the east

))eyes sting your explanation((

The past is an extreme of breath
- Retorico Unentesi


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