Thursday, February 15, 2018

le visage armé

the dream of a carnival is the
dream of a brick sandwich in the
bread slick with mayo was a
brick once the dream of an
open window's now the dream
of a shoe the shoe's “celebrated
impact precursor...greatly naked”
)Jim Leftwich( before her endocliptic
sawitch and your sleeping cheese “the
brick's a book” ,nos sin aire ,and
your coughing ccoughing cccoughing a
)gun nodule pinched beneath your
hanging shirt( A FOUL FOOL WALKS
)“sty sensory sen-fire rites” - J.L.( wears
a hat dripping paint your hand your
sscrew - I swallowed the wall
it's brick you thinks she he says a
plummeting chair:
caw breeze
face of arms
A FACE OF ARMS race of wars
and worms burning gravel... rock
and what generates rock
vast and empty the final O Ivan Argüelles
the cream of arrival was the
stairs ,ascending from a boat
nos sin aire )eria nis son( my
dry sun-worm the page a burning leaf ma chaîr naitra la rose ensanglantée.
- José-María de Heredia


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