Tuesday, September 16, 2014

skin skin

soon the shore turd cries re
meantless imbrication of the sh
adow water where your feet
was gone ? impaction ,cloud
,funnel vision of the blut
was left its shroud of flies
its stony maggots where the
beak onnce spspurt ,congoja
conjugada con el horizonTe
na nada es y nádame
el pellejo vacío ,aire

...sous l’horrible peau que flotte...
- José María de Heredia


edge of form aldehyde yr
fin al ba cheek a floater
toward the rim yr soup sl
oshed in form will edge
the clownrimmed mouth r
rising for a drink  .yr
floater sloshed yr hand
drips up formatic h edge
iinches from the spinal room

...il plonge au fulgurant abîme.
- José-María de Heredia

uh float

what rift the sentience abîme
collapsant ,in the door tre
acle what foam you eyes
come monday with the 
shut lock decrystallize the
rift desentence down yr
throat’s the eye the eye
repeallant phoneme
,folded will the brinkled sk
in ah door abîme re
countant of the stroke of mi
nd the streak of mind re
glutinated in the nexplanation

...luz brumosa que del
techo cae...
- John M. Bennett


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