Thursday, September 18, 2014


the planned fauces lentas’ s
peed gleams the long bed
scar anonublada con pelol
usa - ¡ay the rent leakage fflag! -
I slept inside the wind rat’s
breath was laundry and the
drain storm craw led my
dead out fog’s sluggish ch
churn ex inhalation .bre
athed and stopped last week f
is tula perra en la pie rna
[..] )I entered the dusty hall tengo palabra de nadie...
- Ivan Argüelles



use the ladder risen
from yr lap’s drainage
fork reclaimed your sew
age climbed the flood
fat risen up hi w
alls regurgitated in
them pants you wear
and wear was plumage
faced with wind  .loose
the lather ,hidden in
your cheek ,the stalling
fl âme buvée  .the

Mon nez/Est enfoncé dans la
     terre et c’est mon cul
Qui regarde le ciel
- Pierre Albert-Birot


saw the thaw my eye cl
ick e ye c lick cli ck clic
k ck k k k k  k bore the
SOON THUD wallowed
pants your “fog” “poem” sci
ssors rust beneath the c
hair puzzled fork
held before your path
.sendero pluvioso ,rage sm
oulders in yr pockets, w
eeks flattened on the as
phalt ... sand exhales
... empty legs

...comme la dune come le ventre vide...
- Jacqueline Merville

sortir de moi

nor babbblink et the corn
sole sorely fistic what you
said and said said emeticistic
sugar in yr chin nor bl
ubbering off ephedrin qui
vers in yr eyes at least
the wall’s not left right
there  .at least the mud’s
shining on the street

Dehors il est dans mes yeux
- Pierre Albert-Birot


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