Sunday, September 21, 2014


itchy c ash the
caw nostril ay
meteoro ay nadap
luma ¡!  )trance
inpolcilgo(  te pa
garé te pul
monaré te pos
tizaré pues sí
si tu eczema si
tu xolotl si tu xotl
si tu xochitl



nestled in the coMMb
white c hair your
ricey face
pulca     cacapoesía
inflagrante     infragrante
in fart o     something
sticky     on the tines


the mill

each hiss each echo
folder slumping in the soup
your sludge across the
yard a speech nor
said the naked feet nor
clumped beneath your
dusty bed a rabbit’s
twitchy face beside
the pool each kiss each
leg dozing at the e



the uttered end

my itch containment
,loud outer flag con
grat or flagration hissess
through the ssuit or
print inhaled was
lint and coughing  .ask
your pool your drag
gging sock ,if soreness
chews and winds ,if
shadows fill the ditch

fill the shoe and sleep


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