Monday, September 29, 2014

huevos di

sombulation ,egg ,regagging
tune an somber giggling pus
tuled on yr leg refocus w
ill beside the pluggedup tube my
mumbling past will jiggle 20
years ago my egg your sc
oured p late will sieze
my throat my rumbling epi
pronostication and the grocery
list the very same sweating
eggs born beside your sleep
awake and g listen divorciados


swit ch

elecutrocution’s ,temp o s
wale the bottom of yr
face’s temp id ature of
the notted years behind
tomorrow was your face
will sink ,temp ornary
comprehensile of the ran
cid lunch reclouded in
the neck you swallowed

bleeder on the comb


fo  cus

see p the sh adow of fon
ética yr leg indactil f
olded where yr see thing
phone yr sw eaty shee
ts w ill roll again ten
y ears a go re I
riddled with the air yr
slu ggish focus roll a
gain the leg tu foco es
trellado en la es calera
siezed the shallows
of yr sea


sock end

ended shirt’s deep lunch the
spotless staining comes it
came the lurch sleep h
unches what you sent
send chain the water st
reaming off that Tree
is roots that grind yr
buried feet the numb
less shirt er combination
opens up yr socks



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