Thursday, August 29, 2013

flexible sign

the jawbone drunk ,if
gaped like’s basement
door ,floppy and snored
,the eyeball ,but seeing
,ignored ,the posterior g
ashes when not the waving
flag ,the boxes’ exit ,or
yolky seatback to’s hair
fast stuck ,a ,of the
neck ,sign ,if’s respiration’s
voyage ,saying the offal
binge’s let down in the

With sticky bits from
Reed Altemus’ “tourism”

swung up

shoulders ,the vacuum vis
ion ,where forgot’s the
tropic flare ,in the bucket’s
rusty text more dim ,nor
acidic ,of history’s relaciones
,variable phlegm the asterisk
traces ,is culture’s flab
,the heavy sloshing jug

With stubble lifted from
Reed Altemus’ “galaxy freezer upswing”

bilateral box

boiling sandwich ,or a type
writer cloud faucet boosts yr
mouth thrombosis widened on
the ,not an estuary ,porch f
lighted ham and dime where’s
fecal dustbin comes ,with
tongs ,a vector portal ,lifted
from the steam y ,once hal
ibut’s ,portal ,flecks yr
sock ,and the opposite eats

Including sides from
Reed Altemus’ “air mail 2”


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