Tuesday, August 27, 2013

prosperpina & the gates

pawed the dim shorts I
did nor spun the dam
pness in my ear the
fount of clouds was
poems of bacon smoke
blue light flashing on
my pen I cccraw
eddd the samwich
thinning in my pocket
,off ,off  .beach of
kleenex in the stream
)))where that dog’s 3
heads bowed and w
aited round the bend

...los estuarios donde desembocas.
- Rubén Bonifaz Nuño



shapeless ,inusitado ,de
túmulos fornido el urbe
de pirámides con su laundry
& luncheonettes ,shapely
and buried ,from the tongues’
saliva literate the field
of statues awaiting the
corn the whirling sky the
cave speaking instructions
which burn in the corner
,with spiders and manuals
the former foundations
revered  .itzpetzli in its
smoke reveals ,the quart
ered river flowing from dawn


low beam

my muddy hand my
lum inessence plowed
and necked the spoon
,of viscous light ,up to
your mouth ,if th
oughtless ,hesitates
,like thought ,or lun
ch impaction sock
.what my digits’ held
,a tube or brush ,b
loody gland my py
resplendence hatless
in ,of dog food aisle ,the
glare  .proud bedecked
the gloom you sucked
,yr tumescent sight


moche doing nothing

to last ,in the spoon
of coal dust built ,tossing
and sweaty ,the spider
decapitator in your cent
er’s plate it’s ,from the
sea’s garúa learning my
leg  .its last broom
knows ,its spattered
sweater of lenses wove
,what sees you ,on the f
lushing throne ,seated
.your circled half hat
gleaming in the dark
bath’s room


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