Tuesday, August 27, 2013


escribí el garbage com
pactor the wheezing ju
ice que escribí el fin de
calaveras comb in the
water escribía defor
maba inmicturaba lo
what dribbled en lo es
cribibido no escrito a
hogado escribí un
túnel invisible es
cribí the filling up
with stones the
green one in my mou
th is the what I
rode the en demic
word o escribí lo no
escrito nu nca es en
cripto está en cripta

“escribí lo des crito
desencrito unescrito


guess the egg spoon coal
impact’s sweaty plate de
capitator reflection turns
to public leg garúa mons
ters dissected in the lenses
of yr flushing throne hand
rubric inflects the
bath room rash dots
and spattered mouth thought
less weedeaters swerved
around the rats’ im
paction sock ,viscous g
land respendence cursory
plastic at uttered hats yr
tumescent nostril evacuates
the curvature’s sucked mu
lch dissected digits in
the laundry’s urbe pools an
egg’s redaction of the
luncheonette corn tombs
smoking through the’
itzpetzli loaves f
lows from all those cell
phones and schoolbook
spiders, man uals floppy
in the thinning samwich
where yr bacon clouds
perp etrate consensus

A Hack of Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 51, 2013 & some poems
by John M. Bennett from
Aug. 23, 2013


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