Thursday, August 22, 2013

hat disease

en trance id ,the t
iny liddle pointy head
...imbal ance ,whiff le
leg ,cow falls the ,thick
tongue’s paint I clobbered
,cobbled, cucoupled in the
green sugared lake’s dead
bugs the hat I fill ,was
the dengue book I
wrote I w rote a head the
laundry burning on the
r    o    o    f

a sleep the curdled race


toot shur t em
pid insectívoro mi
cu ate stord the sh
ape lungo ,lingo lathe
red on the wilting
wa//  scrimmed the
doubt watt’s b
ugging you such g
as me friend  .t
old yr wh istle scri
vner torld the f
iles shimmering in
their h eat

wallets on the beach


the  fe ste red n
âme de pierre verte
alchihuitl schaking
in the boiling sky s
oup - nails  and ¡
r ings - the storm the
sauce the gristle wh
ere yr float sh
ould be


du s

,***bee wall ,mate leak ,t
ame ,shorter ,fan belt
dissolution where yr sha
dow crawls that buzzing
in yr nostril w)ear the
bloo(m ister affles
off the sticky floor
.cheese node the ,pile
where the grunting tomb
pre vails



did I foot meal the
hacking fog did I seep
shoe the stunned link
sausage did I drip and
haul did I felt s
nore did I hash the
scowling loot did I fo
am pill did I chew the
scuttled leg did I
ammo dream did I
sock swallow off the
sooty shore boiled with
plastic bags and condoms



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