Sunday, September 23, 2012


insta fuzz ,my gape yr )back
er( howl limp ~ tasted form
,from ,ashes the ,if shaved
.in the chair pelting ,so the hair
,a brittle calm ,bullets and
tweezers ,so water pliers
between the toes your ,inst
ance singlet and foggy shoe
.fondly born the muddy sh
adow the footless spoon
buried with a tooth a
)whistle( and a sweaty s
tone ,my shape .yr sack
of towel yr whip gaze shorn
brainless in my “twitching
hand” my fire and glue


frot h the shadow linker )(
the spoon dome rustles my
frog h eadache )an issue
)an hominy )the artifactid
shore the steaming .cloaked
ship ,rats fried ~ lo ñoño o )lo
õõ( como regüeldo visto por
la puerta serruchada un
foco flatulente si lentes
los ojos me mojan saw
the sloshing pOnd .moth the
swallowed sinker the room
shone an muscled ,,,)dri pping
at the floo ded g ate


tubulent search ,the on log
,peldaño fonético ,siezed
the shut sugar crass an
was shorted ,c lumped
.tout twist ,tus negcks
,tanta dried ,s lumped
if morn ,an spitting specks
the lexicon the ape the
comprimido melting ,trans
formado ,en tu lencgua
,here’s what’s ,inlumenfacto
,tronado ,meataencarnaste
,en silencio desenfocado ,cru
jiente y crispado como las
uñas de mis dedos comidas


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