Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sole Dadas, chunk 27
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

No haze sorted mirror (its erudition engaged),
nor bean cake’s tall vase, sanitary,
nor oils all pilots nor flays the respondant’s fire:
serene, disimulates massed origins
which sembled dulcet cakes,
canola’s borer, the forester
in’s sunned undulant campaign.
Spongy, passed, sea bubbled and mute
in’s lacrimous reconnaisance,
of coiled dulcet numbers not puked’s
contentious sum,
from those dosed gyros of invisible plum
which finger slushed dosed ales, hurting the vent;
Echo, vestal urn’s caved rock,
solicits curious and guards avaricious
the massed dulcet sea, not the minor clearing
syllable, seething in dance
in the vista of’s choices’ final dull canto.

Yakking in the mirror, sees no conundrum,
isle’s mirror of the tear divided,
coiled form tortured is, perished:
dickens’ quantum signals the hat’s nates,
seen’s bezel of the play space’s
arena, where the undies repeated.
A pestle’s, paced, dull ague which low occludes,
conch, if munched not, cap ostents
of burgers, donned the humid content’s
moral, and Pomona sees venereal cult.
Dosed son’s the choice, pubs’ sub artificed
massed rune which conducted his material:
of the manacles dose, the major coon,
of the reddened law’s orca, and sub exercized,
competent office.


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