Monday, April 9, 2012


told the lapper yet ,bind
lungage bind ate the d
ark )p(lunge / drape
seizure cross the piss-so
aked h chair .bring tongue
why dry ,bend er go
d og le coin eek .ne
ver ,all ways sim per
siempre inn a sleep po
ca madre ,bowl of sand
ü ,the dreaming turds my
luggage ate


beer beer ,scan nodder o the
boom flirt bleared ,notta
half lamp ,lent ,twitter
seal the third spoon yr
“fork”ing ah waves ah w
aves .count what cr
ashes on the knee ! !! ! ! !!! !

rule gun

rug boom ,nod ,blat
ant liver ,combed the
lint rush tawed the s
ample eek wrist lyi
ng down the gak boc
k a ,tanse shavr s
torn luprication .s
ped nair barkfing at
uh blind wall at a w
indow atta buoy out
there’n warp an woof
.held my cast ham tight


deep drip an aphlatic c loud n
umber gambled tune or ton
gue ring yr shirt ick loo
m ed s tool .ay d ork l
og wate r ay semper simp
er brave the bring suit l
iver stiffed the drops .w
ide negck dropp ed g nat
rung dusty lad der w
here a burning wall k
nows what no’s wh
at .my haircut meal d
abbed my inner cup sh
ould ,crazee angled in
the dog storm


elimination storm cuzzle late s
ock fold blinky t ,ape sugar
fasted in ,faster slope runt
bang a bang .a lipper goop m
ule bray ing the wheeze l
adder hopp ing in my fog I
ruse or heavy wiping mean
the toot trust on the sc
oured g round .ease of
nape re duction what the
where the oil dream l
ooses out you slept th
at sweet that slot ash
that inster gacktic for
mulation whirring like a
s tick y su it


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