Thursday, June 20, 2013

mir as

,ache ,at ,adder ,an
a ,aim ashed ,awe
full tunnel ═════ st
raw “on fire” was hed
yr c ow b ladder
eats the ate time
.oil yr shin y su
it ,ape yr ass
aft er admonition in
the air yr sake
yr sung yr sore s
wimming ,sweat yr
sole sandwich scis
sored in the sun

 ...viento del laberinto...
- Jorge Luis Borges


mist the negck slugg you
cornered└  in yr shor
ts the dog clo ck th
e ostomatic ho se
re traction face the d d
ribbbly g ate a p
late o’ wee nies ∞∞∞
)time an gasping(  ra
ise yr head an de
glutinate ,the clouds
- Miguel de Unamuno


pus ‘n puzz le ,lago
despellejado ,pulcritud
de sarna de caspa de
dying on the stair your
)))foggy lake leg(((
epinephrine jittering
in the pantry was
your egg salad ,shirt
pock et bul ging  .so
oner  .lat er  .lousy
ham que en el ba
ño comiste  . . . . . . . . . . , , ,
...infútil, los peldaños...
- Vicente Leñero


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