Tuesday, June 18, 2013


cheese if ,kknokers ,plate
crcrackked my doggy lap
wet with ccrushed mosquitos
- Mr. Clapper rules ! - the
wheeling fog passes from
my eyen - I wrote this
pan tostado es ccombroso
testicumento que te
exexplicó la nada ni la
nada - arroz y sapo -

shirtless in the breeze ~ ~ ~  ~   ~


portanto por tentomado
lo que en la mmano mme
ddormía was yr ,ash o
ppulens ,the gritty
siezure of my ff fff
ffffork  )so my ffoggy
tturds scscowl in the
sssoup(  lightning or
lligghtning  )beans
fill yr shorts(  my too
th my huehueodontología
or ,your ffigured arms
rising toward the cicieling light

...use ,and vacancy...


embolate ,the rancid
door ,able to  .the r
riising was or if  ,tan
trick shadow next the
dumpster misty TtVv
in the wweeds ...yr a
ammbbullate ry etta
llubbmaa sack o  ))bb
ottles ‘n tturdds((  it’s
,the swoll thing my k
nee protrudes  .set
to ggigggle in the
laundry pile

...sooner swallowed...
- “Moose” Diployd



the lipless hammer speaks oh
dripping walls oh neck
shapeless like a sack of
grits something pounding
in the bathroom where
the door retreats in mist
your shoeless water yr
sliding skull bright with
g litter whwhere a slslee
pping ddog’s creased with



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