Friday, May 13, 2011

Dirt Book

the filler sandwich the clog
ged neck the ]door heaved[
em clugky like ,baw led ,bu
ttoned ,“like a hat” paged an

dogs an cobs scuttling in the
rain a cloud swelling out
the mouth necks and rib
bons skin suits lolling on
the steps an eye re
turns to jaw dressed the
book in m u d

The Grass

ch ase the h ill s pin the
gas ping wate r groa n dry my
dingled neck dots of blood oo
sawn an flaked temple sla
gging in the rain my skin dead
before the soaring T ree ...yes the
runny lake an b end my )too th
drea m m( aggots b oiling in
my chile where I slebpt an
slabped eh c o r n


the doglamp steams my swallowed
spoon puzzles in my throat and
all the windows open to the ash a
lake whistles in the grin I left be
hind the smouldered bush .the electric
shirt I chewed the stung float
spider crumpled in my coaljuice cup a
.knot arm ,ding cough ,lent a sh
udder to my falling fork and that’s wh
at bubbled you .rice and sticks a cr
awling fountain in my closet where a
dead cat glows beneath your pants
]]] the hot wall lumbers toward the st

Noise or Page

page dust sure fog my mule f
oot yak an puzzle foam
sight all time’s last “today” not
yet turd streaks window )“wrote”(
what’s writ tomorrow ‘s nothing

the clacked ]word[ glued foam
pool dead rabbit my lawed dirt
my habit clink chute the
powder god massive sog full uh
cracked me mailed me stun roof

the dirt shoe the brink ...floats...
my clam powder ))calm(( shit
broom pulse blotted yurt the c
ow room lube folder cool a
tire my flab sleep my shunned deck

awful boom crab turd finger
loss closet muy yum coughs in
shoe a ruby ink gut dust wheel
lake or face blew the past )hah(
nodding gniddon mute long gland noise


fog lint f
og p ill

the leg light yo

ur niplification sed

tenter club the

slaw ed drea m the



cod lamp cr
ust do
rk sedda

theme shape

)grimy bones( o
ne gap e

slugger ≈stream

))the rotting cloud clears((


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