Thursday, May 3, 2018

key sauce

7 people wearing bowler hats
is a silent wind blowing through a
flooded bathroom headache d
rips from windowsill ,outside a
dark red sun setting ,,,leaves ex
plode a tree or birds
)the ear's polyp hears a
stone tongue's water s
leep b illows outlined
syllables hidden under a
rusty lawnmower – misreading
Ivan Argüelles' The Destruction
of Poetry(

of a locked bus is an automated
dentist office the chair a hangar
empty of planes
written on green paper a
pocket of coins and dirt on red
paper a flashlight falls out a window

)dirt fills bathtub
sleeping lawn
bird ( ( ( ( ( (

changed my b read in
habitation change the
liver leaking in my hat
keys gleam in bucatini my eyes
swim and sleep in sauce


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