Thursday, May 31, 2018


Sever a wall with a hair
Sever a hair with a wall

Place yesterday's pants on a ladder
Place a ladder on yesterday's pants

Lick the gravel with a fork
Lick a fork with the gravel

Eye the wind with your hand
Eye your hand with the wind

Choose your water or today
Choose today or your water

Open a floor in a word
Open a word in a floor

Dry a pool with a pencil
Dry a pencil with a pool

File a suitcase with a tongue
File a tongue with a suitcase

Drain your tooth in a book
Drain a book in your tooth

Scissor a sandwich with a phone
Scissor a phone with a sandwich

Walk a turd across a hall
Walk a hall across a turd

Drink a thunder from a pocket
Drink a pocket from a thunder

Incinerate a bed under a finger
Incinerate a finger under a bed

Lose a fog above a key
Lose a key above a fog

Empty a suit with a sleep
Empty a sleep with a suit

Name your face with a shovel
Name a shovel with your face

Dry the water with a nail
Dry a nail with the water

Close a stone with a flashlight
Close a flashlight with a stone

Break a door in a faucet
Break a faucet in a door

Boil a chair beneath a sneeze
Boil a sneeze beneath a chair

Ignore a mouth with a shirt
Ignore a shirt with a mouth



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