Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sor  Tilegio y ,tuerto
con double vision ,la
camista gané la ca
misa perdí me plerdí
.)en contronco en la P
laza Yaxche(  the
fork path tine the
grave l or mu d my
feet in ea ch hc ae
Ay yr swelling cat
a falco n !  )ay the
mumbling in the panty
con los por ontos en
vasculados con los o
jos avinadagrados...

morti ,empti ,en vuelto...




blet  off dringing ,mo
t de boue ,yr c hain
sh oulder cast  .the f
og charred was the f
ake ,gris kinda gristly
,was yr nek an nek
kid wheezy in the
sandwich pulled ay
yr groaning nimbus !
...where the boiled s
tone shines...  yr
)))faucet speech
,crawling like lice




uh face clam eh ton
ggue ape whee zing all
n ight the window s hapes
yr drying air the wormy
p illow yr cold pants
grasp un seated chair
ay yr ropy hairdo !  )cor
n falling from yr throat(
)rice ,the stiffened kitch
en(   )))where yr jacket
closed yr eyes beneath
the bed a tooth a
paperclip a single pill.................  

ee  t

look ,the sot leg fanjet
focused on the fin
ger laid across yr
headache whwhoo
sshhing like toilet’s s
tuck  fl  ush  st
ood above the st
eep whirl exploding
knee my  .)))itching
ash my frenchfry
soaked in pee

pulled the pants off and

 ...sp lash...
- Emily Dickenson


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