Monday, May 20, 2013

leg and cabbage
     -for Blaster Al Ackerman

me head yr lap f
olded in its le
aves a wilted ,w
as me aimless fooot m
e rolling off yr l
eg g  g   g    g     g      g       g        g
)saw the foot with
“turd stepped in”
- all them plastic bags ! -
))clotted in your po
cket  (((          )))))so i
waved my shorts in
the summer breeze

...and a grinning at the wall

eating wood

jittering at the ton g
ate faucet wheeling t
oward el hor izonte
en tus pan talones
,lengua de lider azco
“where my”  )shshakkin
gg suuggarr ,apt l
og me ter mite wrwr
iggglling down my leg
w ere I saw the wall d
ug up the dirt trid wh
ite an sqsquirming
,..,,,.,..,,...,,.,,,..., .  .   .

...o I dd rank the cc loud y aair...


intertention ,where my
raking g lance caut
erized the croutons
crushed beneath yr
h chair the spiders
wriggly in your
cor ner with your
pooling blood  .it’s
the questionnaire ,y
our d read ,you
r anus speaking air

chowder ,and gasoline


pulloff ,knocker f
lag the mouldered
hash next that s
tiff stinky egg
.yr hicks yr ,f
ound mussel s
tuck inhide yr
armpit with that
team of ants  .s
ound an oil ,blis
ter an h and a
termite drying on
the sheet                    

when the trickedout wind returned


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