Sunday, May 21, 2017

la fièvre de fenêtre

P or co f l âme en d e
tuned a Way yr Knot
Leg un moine qui masque
(A. de Vigny) de-importe
Wha T ime's it's yet de
cayed dethrooated dd rank
le sang de ses doigts (A. de
Vigny) morceaux des )sooner
than( e ffort emblasted inna hee
Eaving DumPster :O sp Ray me
offF me Carpal tomb gg listens
in soup I d ropped smoke in
Side your shoe a ppebbble an
wwind un f olds yr sh irt Burnt go
at's your Tiger Lung – a SSleep ins
ide your sHade ~~~~~ uhuh dim
dog cRunches thru yr t high moO
d never socked but :wrIsted grabs
a th orn oment iment's nothin's
Left ex :cept the day longs sw
eaty Lunch;;;;; LOOK OUT


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