Sunday, October 9, 2016


easy to say your laundered name when you forget it
easy to cross the street when the sky empties its eyes
easy to climb the steps when the car's on fire
easy to fire the gun when the lake rises to your face
easy to comb your arm when the window breaks
easy to break a leg when lunch walks in your mouth
easy to dry a log in the attic covered with ants
easy to tear your shirt when the trees are boiled for soup
easy to paint a photo and bury the mirrored frame
easy to drip and cough when the shadow returns
easy to grind the faucet when the fridge lights up like a torch
easy to blow your nose and number the rings you've lost
easy to think the mattress where your dream forgets its socks
easy to count the sky where the aspirin sleeps
easy to take it easy when the phone stops ringing in the room next door


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