Thursday, June 16, 2016


limits the folio re
volution icecubes swa
llowed in a pock et pro
cessor slab ,is ch
ange missume uh c
lam wound thru yr f
ace obvic storm ru
ling politi com merce co
agu lated fl otation s
law ran cid o Cid el
mío mytochondria so
ur above mut ation arc
ade just brit tle po
tatos pota toes st
opped in the road's ad
verbial pie rats' pun
ished mir ror saw my fa
cial off in half lop
ped off light was til
ted lack plas tic ha
ptic virility dawns in
a sentience fire sh sh
adow xeszew liter
ally in tloughhgt my s
tubby pencillia fr
acked across yr re
ad machine's soc
ial paradgraph my
sign recountant ,fin
gered shadgow

With Fragmentaria from Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 170, 2016


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