Monday, August 10, 2015

dots scatter on the membrane

rise from the sandy tu
mult pre air shat
tered h air s pace m
ass of cigarettes the d
runk accretion shim
mer ing in the lang
uage form erlation
shadow aphasia sl
anted behind the dog
door voces femeninas
dung light diarrhea glass
carnicería en el chi
chén sin hinges b
lack water memory b
elt violent left eye the
right vacuum an acr
ostic cloud movie sk
ull classified with the
marginal comments
listed listed listed
break the heat is
sue rain the the
el espacio fláccido
y sueño

Soy troquero y me gusta estar borracho
- Ranchera

Found in Ivan Argüelles'
The Translation to Heaven, parts 7 & 8


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