Wednesday, July 22, 2015


wit h s aid spoon b
lot bee f pro
vising see p he ll
tching enty lazed
uch omb ucus th
umb d iap iz
ard pin e slucent
esthe embered w
hale h ale im mers
ound otic rain e
ye limpsest ash sors
sci muc aid eep s
coax gnit eening
ammer amer mer
ombre ho eer eet
medded rot all ear lit
muc pic auz nema
ish easp aint ass
poo n ist ed am
mock oist es rip
ant ra is ain een
hoe see eel lam eel
oic ulele go ak it ats
ene sai ound he ai
lot ulti imbp leen
tim e eee azs
provi onta eous
mantic sem tent
ialtent nontent o
tent mediac ery
umerous tomology
oon wiln an fom
arrow bar barr
ye Ha erence ha

Found in Jim Leftwich's
y ates atch to es it fou ant”, July 17, 2015


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