Saturday, April 4, 2015

choke leg

his leg chchoked even the
mud's torrid phone thing Re
member storms ideas today
the thing's mood plunder hap
pening tongue takes place
you “isolate” the shape
less drain dialects pl ace
takes pl today our voice rem
ember o pened doubt the
sticky rug gram mar sl
ashes chil dren's spatial org
an allowed uh place between
it self “the” thing museum
leaves and swirls ah
plundered icon por lo
menos take it to valiente
Aquiles' hidden mea dows
me mory its elf the th
ing Today the Thing to
day becomes la playa
mood clogged beside it
self bes ide itse lf
the a moment's grooves
comían loto pues a
the d reamer's eye tal
king at tha congre
gation sur rounded br
eathing surr ounded thea
thing to dismemb er bags
of feet uh bag ofeet uh
rag uh

Four voices: John M. Bennett,
Ivan Argüelles, Jim Leftwich, Homero


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