Monday, April 29, 2013

Miroir des Nuages
 ay storm lung’s loose
emphysema phoning to
ward the dawn brea ker
s kin’s swoll wit’s ou
ter hose my  feefee
ts sWiRiLiNg  back
yr shut     ))mouthless
face((  pod nacre ,pid
dle s)p(lashing inna pool
))yr sleepingg skkull((  yr
gloss sing le cadeaux
sans forme ,un ique
,“mer veilleuse”
))te ví la luz ahogada
el mensaje que bradiza
la manguera ...dormida
...((  yr breath’s a c
loud a back o’ o
pened to the fblood ,er...
...pour le mar t eau...
- Victor Hugo

The Suitcase Mirror
 tOssed the lungage for
th ot to ,maze ,w
hipping rag on the r
oof  .ultra missing im
modiffy the shapeless
net sloppy neck &
sugar ,shoes ablaze
with turd burningwher
e the hair repeals

 y breath zipper, and clouded.
- J. S. Murnet


Espejo Ranítico

rana raquítica o me
tal es tanque fort
i faction wheeeeez
ink tomb yr knotnek
)deglutir ,then swallow(
croák croác nos
trum trills ,yr “ex
plantation” shiv
ers outside the w
aters where yr
fork<  )road(  was
sunk ,its gluteous
gleam in the
muddy bottom
...vestirte ,de camino...
- Antonio Machado

Climb the Mirror

in sunk ladder || roamed in
co gote reconveccionado in
la soma es túpida in your en
demic shirt climbing in the
throat descension off the
dunked rung the off butt
on glimmers beneath the sur
f off coast a cloud groans down

in my eye reef in my
whirling shoe
...meat shelf...
- Bob BrueckL


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