Saturday, December 8, 2012

er ba

conos ce
wer mur
all a
sin co ne
jos )nata s
abía( mis
truenos in
estables ni
tibles ,y
escri bi
ble es ay mi
chewed leaf


aug h

ultra mon
taje ante
la cou\page
de ma feuille
)inécrit ,sans
si lence my(
asparagus rotting
in the fridge
:clotûre ,ho
jas ,mono
métricas las
,)aspirinas ≈ flot
● ante su

“risa” L

eep ore

sez yr seep snore emen
intly crapt )sogck(
glag it yr “ddarkk en
ergulate” hiss ssssses
thru th cgold suit

)wadded inna basement(

r ío

neg ac
tif oy
dull slee
bping save
the shoe the
wallkers w
ridthe ,ur
ubamba co
fffing an th

)dringkyr lunch(


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