Monday, August 13, 2018

runny throne

aged the stinking itch be
neat yr shirt foam sp
urts out yr chest yr g
runted thigh ,voice remains
,yr neck flood's case of
door a bashed machine c
latters across the sleepless
street before each sill a
heap of orange shit burns
)called yr face( charred mirror
multitud sin huesos en la
plaza una bandera constipada
un foco que me abre el fuego

inhale the water churn

line heads out to sea a hung blue
dress thrashes as a storm throbs in
giant mosquito covers my face breathe
a spiny leg chew the endless faucet
gleams at night it's ink in space a
pool crevasse a mask erased moth
abrasions foot steps out the glass wind
- scattered from Ivan Argüelles
a “heroic dose” cleft in mouldering
soil “Attunement is as trivial as it is
transformative” - Jim Leftwich

half insect
your thigh where
chew the slimy fog rises in yr throat

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

jueves viernes miércoles domingo

es jueves en el alba líquida de la
sequía y viernes el alba seca de la
inundación ,impacto de ,umbélico
trained to float on the gnats' flicker
sunlight drowned in trees a glittering fog in
the corner of my eye es miércoles en la
oscuridad que me ilumina los domingos de
silencio ensordecedor ilusórdico invade the
severed fog retreat your shivering hands into the
light of touching sand falls at your back it's
the name of your leg izquierdista y el anonimato
de la derecha que viene atrás – donde no hay
cama para dormirte para irte ni oirte
spit on your mans yr di lusion for k grist led
d ream nothing's left is all a window opened
under lake is a flame drug smeared down yr
throat ,listen ,chew yr cloud ,flay the
mask behind yr face

a deadened focal ,blinding

)“the pen is a dream of laundry” (


is intent
sunk cLaw
ham mer

seeping shoe

core k not
embF lame
yr tloot

f lung age
h alf

is in not