Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Mouth Wall Mouth Wall Mouth
Wall Mouth Wall Mouth Wall
Mouth Wall Mouth Wall Mouth
Wall Mouth Wall Mouth Wall
Mouth Wall  URINE Wall Mouth
Wall Mouth Wall Mouth Wall
Mouth Wall Mouth Wall Mouth
Wall Mouth Wall Mouth Wall
Mouth Wall Mouth Wall Mouth


leaned way out

see the wall blablaeo for
tunal sin lentes sin mar
tillazo ladrigrimal mur
alla emplumada con mi o
jo con mi brick risen from
an open trench huesudo
weltered and my chch
atttered lunch drowning
,watered ,dreamed was
smoke impaction sweaty
in the ccold ccut grgrave

tronar ,garagafagal

I left

little fungus ,elder ant
erior re section where
the claw re refigures la fi
gura lo que te dices
no entiendes que la vida
es recuerdo de la muerte
little tongue little rabbits
little cancers in the air
were gnats que des
inflarán eran pulgas
fleeing the corpse fle
eing the se vered ey            e
flying toward the charred
garage door enfonça habilment deux doigts
de la main gauche dans l’orbite et
tira l’oeil...
- George Bataille

la forma del humo

cielo grisgris I have to
pee my window’s thro
at intension’s tiny house
returns re turns sin
bird slactivity sin l
THR ONE de fren
chfries shrivelled in
the llawnn I saw the
M I saw the W I
saW the Mouth the cca
anines gleaming in your s

L’urine est pour moi...
- George Bataille

holden minute

who can dare to lift the
insect trump - Mrs. L.H. Sigourney -
the shape of born borne beaten
wind dead faint hills damp
bound bitten bled sp lice of
life and broken bred edges
builded from this distance cast
caught children shattered in
my wrist claved cloven tree
clung clad come of life crowed
appartiions philology crept cut
dared over the balcony done
drawn driven forlorn drunk
skin dwelt eaten fallen dis
order hammered ankle fought
found fled faint ink leaking on
the circular ruins flung flown
frozen in that envelope girt
given gone aphasia graven
salt waves had hung like hours
heard and hewn

...sand body...

I fumbled through Ivan Argüelles, “orphic cantos, 81”, 2014, & William Hall, Encyclopedia of English
Grammar, Columbus, Ohio: Scott & Bascom, 1850.


en manos de los viles shirts
american office-art otra vez
en el sepulcro ointment agony
method mis asesinos’ scien
tific comic book method car
gados de baldón y dazzling
time vituperio de human
subjectivity en la negra
lid tanto mal america the
map anáhuac unfolds fork
lift tongue eggs church
flies la atroz muerte pet
rified the complex swerves
del yugo extranjero’s natural
oppositions que de la cadena ex
ecranda se cargaron in
nate positions trigger hum
ans depart through self en
el cadalso working research
end of la frente pálida’s bee
f species de suerte bár
bara sound pieces de la
ensangrentada historia

 I was sweating through Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 82, 2014,
& José María Heredia, “Las Sombras”, 1825.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


text .fly. text .fly. text
.fly. text .fly. text .fly.
text .fly. text .fly. text
.fly. text .fly. text .fly.
text .fly.  DRINK .fly. text
.fly. text .fly. text .fly.
text .fly. text .fly. text
.fly. text .fly. text .fly.
text .fly. text .fly. text



the deady dead

lint and sleep the
```”`````“  detail of st
icky pill ow heated in
your neck’s GROWLING
SHADOW caw caw  ddrink
the snsnore efffffusion un
ccoiling in yr ththroart ay
oot twtwitchy outside its shoe
yr gaze smarter but the dark
ladder burns against a

...when i may crowd at last
your wormy bed...
- Olchar E. Lindsann

la caspa

tousled storm’s ham mud
                                         muds the flailing sandwich
stomach’s jostled form the
stomach’s jjostltled fforrm
schedule seeping down the
wall will seeped and shape a
mmouthless face will said the
wind speaking in your dandruff
dust your ::::::: ddanddrufff’s
lesson book the boiling sand
wich door swollen in
its frame bursts and
dries and you ,your w
all of yellow dust

...buvant la flamme obscure...
- José-María de Heredia


the defective verb should th
icken was my leg will shall
ow ought might undermines
its tense or passing o’er and
conjugate the running lad
will flies at once will
eats the followed stair
would clamber up clam
ber down may smoke
arisen from the basement
where you will kicked the
horse the active nomin
ative faltered step the verb
sin nombre

told thought thriven thrown
thrust trodden waxen word
- William Hall, Encyclopedia of
English Grammar, Columbus, Ohio:
Scott & Bascom, 1850.