Thursday, October 8, 2015

porus & lexical

s un a sh adow kee
ps a legg tten tative
rock light s lid off o
ff the eedge de flect
ion corn ers b oil the
sleep glass boil the
be d's in version is
yr s kin's pert ruins
crumble in the lipless
cave or page eating
air or p age see s
ping through h air thr
u ta ch air la maison
du cul mination's d
ark photos of the
camera as it cl
atters on the floor yr
teeth bulging in an en
velope ceiling circles
down beneath your
feet the 7 directions
chaos in the center's
rain copulation there
is no other side the ot
her side's your falling
street your hand's the
rope swaying off the
cl iff

After Ivan Argüelles' El Sueño


please contam inate o
ashole st ream hee
sakes the sw eat
burbly on yr ton gue
's aid cold chain
was nodding yes no
dding nno ticiero
del homicidio mas
acre menos ma l
el árbol vvuelve con
su coro insectívoro
sees the amanimation
you copended sieze
the flooded rope
juts out yr mouth
o s lashing dream b
b reaks the left w
hat yyou rreboi
led inside yr sh
irt yr shi rT torn on dirty...
- James Joyce


el mar bajo la cama el
sueño bajo la cama el
grito de niebla bajo la ca
mama bajo la cama el tún
el que sube al cielo ba
jo la cama el humo el hor
no bajo la cama el la
berinto de un solo sendero
recto bajo la cama el
reloj de la cama escama
bajo la cama del coatl
olvidado que se acuerda
bajo la cama bajo la
cacama los pies mo
jados y los secos bajo
la cama tu gorra de
lluvia que sube del
mar babajo la cama b
ajo la cama bajo la
cima donde tus manos
se abren se cierran se
abren y se cierran se
cierran y se aaabren

Bajo el sueño del grito de
Ivan Argüelles

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

your face

yr fav ored nost
ril crowd ed s
lab abo ve yr
hea d a “n ice”
a ,flobby pill ow
ter cave yr
dun g negck in
hales , the g rit
ualulation lost
in all them trees
,sure feels leg
less or lessleg
walk fort h ours
the sand the
streaming dust

your gnats

the fair

the dream of duct tape was
the dream of someone sh
outing in the bedroom it
was the dream of a sink
brimming with kool-aid and
a dream of a fork with
your tongue on its tines
the dream of your tongue
was the dream of rabbits
quivering in a nursing home
and the dream of a moon
glowing in the wet grasses
where your head once
lay dreaming of the
crow crawking at the
edge of the brillo pad competition

JMB dreams a dream that is
not a dream of Bibiana Padilla Maltos