Saturday, August 29, 2015


bull et r oof ro of
off ,inclad ,repeeled
,nor tout debridged ,,,
a cor n a corn acorn
,nu mbmb what nails
arusty on the window
s ill en gaged ,lock
fort ,emblèd ,re
torqued the arm it's
hab it you it's h
abit .in ffinal
shade ashshaadd
e ,the awful ham

...)de plain...(...

the fluttering decays

terremoto and the dia
lect a bull et hole
in the mir ror yr
brain block drain a
text ur e ye it was the
silence blitz a b
lank ph one waits
beneath the bed's a
pool splashing with
meat ay haspirina
congealing in la sopa
entre los ojos la
pelada la gran con
tusa circles on your
page was in la selva
oscura de las cosas ol
vi dadas rocks crac
kck together in the
                                               caves your faces see
the dark letters
of your skin ending
in noetic decay

. . .

yr necks of kin yr
ants salt the rainy
eyes you dropped into
the phone your corner
of the heaving-room
was biblioteca or the
sidewalk crumbling
in thunder a ru
nning dog que te
ladra la lengua in
articulada was the
dusty lawn your
oxygen forgets ay
stark matter gathers
at your suffocating
elbow its blasted
gram mar's sloshing
time rotting in the
crotch of the river

Mumbling in the mortar of
Ivan Argüelles' “the poetry” & “literature”

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


quise inexplicar el mundo
quise amamar el atúnel
quise deventanar el aviento
quise resombrear la sosombra
quise inaspirar el antiaire
quise fofollar el infolio
quise deimaginar la pipiedra
quise exentender la exfrase
quise reestallar la bobomba delatente
quise innombrar los nonombres
y quise ninombrar el anomiombre

enentequisto ffuí...

em pact

de flect de torn de
lactic re blendish wall
et imeology it's your
s ink yo ur sink
.d ark tow el ,the bl
ood refogged ,ent er
leg er rump against
the pit of screaming
clowns your b lank
thigh t urns yr foam
splattered pants yr
clod crown mud
trickles down yr face the
the shaldow of yr words fumes...


the c luster be d ache the
the the entitity it's a
fl ame entere en es
capèd m dust lake y leg
ffog ::what the fisted
stool said said stool
or raggèd foam b lows
a cross the w water
)wh sink ere sp read
her s lings( entire
ser o ser de mente

...bedeed and bedood and bedang and
bedung to him...
- James Joyce