Wednesday, July 16, 2014


cara o agua my
hand slept in a
towel de moscas
plena pleniataúd del
aire mis guantes
aguanto el fin ya
vino la sangre
futilante outside
the wwall ccoins
and a pplastic bbottle
foot bound in a lake

...par voile et vapeur vole et roule...
- Alfred de Vigny


a veces

es pora y radica en la
to ponimia en lo ni
mio en lo fofo de tus pi
es afónicos pies que
hahablé de mi sue
ño peperiférico y y eee
eentré y enenttré la se
milla de mi momuerte
de mi mmuuerte mom
omentánea que te
llega que te llega ra
dical y

so  porífica



took the sho
rter hairs sp outing
from yr face was
where I caminaba por
el lago zapateado nigh
tly sky resea led with
p acking t ape yr
shorter ch est c lean
shaved a storm yr
pouted sh ape comp
action me ví la
cara sin es pejo bo
ca lacunal un ojo
verde un ojO pie dra
compartido con la hoja




flood suit snore clam sweat
shoal teems loot plow nostril
gate runt damp stone fly
clot lung soap pistol fence
lot task shoulder swat stool
lint flayed welt cold knacker
closet wind toilet flame coil
siezure frog tongue glad to
shimmers sock mind toil mat
weave compression seats loud start

over here

where I stepped and s
tank the riddled cloud
;;;;;                       hat
benched in nor p
lowed the muscled grass
neck’s                     ,,,,,
con fusion in the lock
er room an numb
ers dimming on a
tiny screen just s
tep off here off
here’s the air em
bank ment throw



the shoulder

beast responder ,fog nnote
‘s b last numb er laun
dered in the sosoup yr
fis t remembered in the
spinal ggate or  ...steam
esffincter eff ort sa
id expected chord agkno
tted in yr gneck yr
cloudy socks lifted in yr
uh ,ooospoonooooo──


the itch

I spread the window sp
read the breeze will o
pen where the wall will
spread the hand I
held against the gl
ass is splattered with
your blood a hand
was closing in the fog is
churned in breeze

...slope and...

the definition

it was heaving THE the
abstinhocker swoll THE
should was is will THE
be cold in hot the fau
cet shakes THE wind
streaking from THE d
rain what THE is will
THE stop be THE static
mouth THE nodding laun
dry THE sw agger f
olded in yr attic said
THE what’s coughing T
HE singulation scattered
lung The  emptied of its

ho   he


a conquis la terre it
is diff in front
bui lding ardente des
lions the west’s froth
fog deception et celle
des reptiles to
barn endeafen w
orkers et troublé
l’Océan at birth
pairing humans où
cinglent the salt
guerrilla commodity
du sillage doré and
shiny noise assorted
plus loin que la niege
espistemologies drift
in laste duste et
les tourbillons of
weather perhaps a
dog et l’horreur of
realisms infertiles
hope d’un flot tiède
the font birth libre
des îles des noun
brides où nul marin
n’a pu hisser the
letter afternoon the
memories je briserai
l’infranchissable glace
of lungs recovvoid
spleen car dans mon
corps hardi je parte
correctives tainted un
âme lasse catalyzed du
facile renom of morpheme
sausage hybrid lexicon
renom des Conquérants de
l’or predictable in
farction impossible
coast burning :
j’irai  .je veux
monter rapid cap
ital the violent
sponge au dernier
promontoire ,infra
structure destroyed
et qu’une mer pour
tous escape calc
ulus silencieuse en
cor depicts concrete
would caresse mon
orgueil d’un hunger
written d’un mur
mure de control
implants gloire de
combinant form
epersonalized the

Layered from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 79, 2014,
& José-María de Heredia’s “Plus Ultra”, 1893.

Monday, July 14, 2014

back across the door

when it works the sw
eaty fork instills a
rain will worked the
faucet forked and
still the fork instills
and sp linters ,cha
sing what the arm
has re ached the wall
of cups and inches tr
embling on the tine
to go your pants in
habit was that d
irty bowl reme
mbers in the sink
the bowl the work
abandons inistilled
and stt ill

 ice   .


por centralje yo
,contralminado ,floco
poz o bomba es
trellada ,llaguna
,bloquita ,llogorrea
incandescente es
el centro partido
en dotrés ,fulanominesco
nube nube NUBRE ,y
no me lamo la cara no
me lamo la cara porque
sí  :pues no
,ni modo ,ni ke
efluvio sea ,ni




snore in shade
wet stone
spill the coffee
was mouth
worm door
box of
cereal eyes
or serialize
moves across
your face h
and cloud

swollen shoe

for C. Mehrl Bennett


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