Wednesday, June 20, 2018


swo ll rind
engine floods

dr ink
in es encia f lag
yr shad owed s ink

≈ ≈ ≈ embest ida es
mi jeta deenfática

pluma pendi ente
shapeless leg wind

s lake a wal k
em bed ded inn er

s weep the ants a wa ve

, , , , ,

chew before the stone

dust drips off yr obsidian
face reflexion of water and
rabbit orthography the
book dissolves is smoke and
weeds torn up by road
is your pen an insect
cricrickering in your hissing
ear .is this the foot
crowned with a frog is
this a son staring from a
bed thinks of drums and
wheels and industrial fans ?
el ventanal en la cima del
pirámide es el recuerdo que
olvido es el olvido rerecor
dado en el frízer con mi
calzado de jamón y chapulines
.bah ,no hay máscara que me
vale un solo frijol

the longer nap

only a dead wind left
stagnant across a slick
sidewalk was wall of
headache flashlight dro
pped in wet grass your
fragrant E drips off
a rotting table

should the shoulder fall sh
ould the flooded gate ?

rice and mist cheese
thickens the drain your
hand floats over
toward name your
shadow page b
right f lame

Dieu est Alzheimer” - Ben Vautier

Sunday, June 17, 2018

black smoke
- for Eerie Billy Haddock

list congeals a wall dream's
clogfrontation is the babies
rotting in cages books burning
on a concrete floor
X x X X xx X
unwaken a sandwich
on your face COLOSTOMY
in your tiny screen of wonder
bread slab of dust kak
pool is the fork held
over your watch naked
feet circle the edge with
Eerie Billy's list :“envelopes
hotsauce coleslaw drano” a
mouth open ringed with

[dust pool]
[tiny bread books]

an inch of corn en el
espejo negro humo y reflujo ácido