Thursday, September 21, 2017

ojo de agua

strabismic in a sleeping alphabet
tus fosilturos )futosiles – Juan A. Italiano(
futilesco ablo en un floflofloespejojojo
lo que veo con el WAK y su cola
de dardo cloud-sampler )Ivan Argüelles(
I was sitting on the bed mumbled and
ssaw, my daughter holding a box of sand



your facial hole
a ccloud

vent de merde

shorn meats a strangled door
Grave des mots avec un clou
)Th. Gautier( ce n'est rien mais
quelque chose condensed rechewed
ébranlé sourdement ha dicho ,clos
et crammed with socks your
negck reblooded ,steaks on phone
dripping said yr NOM RAUQUE
spat screen un libro vacío o
blanco de escuchpitazos anhelados
where a dog wind swirls teething
the knob's “sit on a distant lake”
your statue burns on the shore
your statue splits its head your
statue drowns in its shoe ≈ ≈ ≈
hairless and birdshat FEUILLE
OUBLIÉE ¿de quién es la
cara que escribo? ¿de quién son las
ascuas que tomo con mi café espresso?

leaf or shirt wword or tturd

Thursday, September 14, 2017

the future shines

grinding ,every thin slug
smeared across yr fogged
lens' wet smoke ,embolism
shutting down the state or
time of breathless heaving
in the sprawling dark don't
look outside ,glands of
flame choking in your voice
its hushed its viscous de-ex
planation it's your plunger
trying to break the clog
.ccloggg ,a mind a noose
descendant corporation wh
ere the sky once shone

...reeping à travers the cereb, ante,
bellum in long columns vapor-filled...
- Olchar E. Lindsann