Friday, August 16, 2019

therefore faces desired

therefore faces desired thoughts ended
not clear this then if how many daughters
desire faces signs weeping bath their wash
heads at mouth knees river beautiful
essences violated faces signs the robes
nations washing imaged B'alam paintings
words arrive straightaway hanging
hornets untied arms robes body stung
only images within to them you
deceivers scratchers accomplished
enchanted nature defeat gathered
many thoughts arrows adornment hear
captured planned little number
sons sleep believed in road eyebrows
neck staff ┬┐who abduct? words heart
mountain B'alam stakes pointed effigies
metal carved hearts edge of gourds
killers target Jaq'awitz murder

De-reading the Popol Vuh - 2

Sunday, August 11, 2019

it's having been

it's having been named the names its
top merely dawned only one three
groups change speech language
different stone behind darkness
moss hanging burn face his forest
blood mountain grass child will
skin come they now seen burn
birds mouths mushroom drank
in hornet pathway child water
homes clear they roads cry pass
coyote clear not it do desire to
day destroyed each day blood
ears death mouths stones Tulan
B'alam abducted took killed
walking skulls feet left us homes
confusion path mud essence
murderous faces mountain river
names thought bath

De-reading the Popol Vuh - 1