Saturday, September 24, 2016


forget the sword covered with ants
forget the cloud thinning in yr anus
forget the throated soup you left
forget the gasoline exploding on a peak
forget the stomach where your gnats were dancing
forget the needle given by your wife
forget the thread you chewed and answered
forget the squamous dust your hand dispersed
forget the nausea crawling down your arm
forget the glass book you remembered
forget the ladder dropped into a well
forget the sweaty bread in your hat
forget the politician gleaming with a lie
forget the termites talking with their faces
forget the thunder in your bar of soap
forget the ash sucked from your pencil
forget the salami blinder than a muscle
forget the wind dressed in dinner plates
forget your tongue swimming in a lake

lo dicho

lo nada escrito me
abre la boca me
hambra las tripas va

cilonas vacías
.excremudo soy ,in
flacto de migas ,fla

cucho y gordinflón
como quien .y nnu
nca dije lo que dije

,es piedra ,emplasto


is cornered yawn's a
leg atwitch a deeper
plate conmined with

's sweepless night d
in ,or croaking ear's
faceless stupidstition

crawl toward
windy sheets if sheets
were fog ..or eyes


- Para Bibiana Padilla Maltos

El sueño del ruibarbo es el
sueño de una palabra que no se
conoce, por eso se dedesinterpreta
bien; el sueño de una palabra des
conocida es el sueño de un globo
invisible debajo de tu silla, que
explota cuando te levantas
después de tomar un martini fuerte

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

en el camino meo

inimiscante pue
s endógamo s
oy ni ex decéntrico

pis pis utter un
der foam mas
tricante .por

entes isiéntrico
,pasáme el pan
torilla la lá

grima ay ,engorda