Sunday, October 23, 2016


when it sees the sausage on your clothes hanger
when it sees a hand shaking behind a mirror
when it sees a thought burning on the basement floor
when it sees the barking sandwich on the roof next door
when it sees the throat compaction inside a coffin
when it sees the river flooding in a ballpoint pen
when it sees a tooth sunk in a book of prayers
when it sees a headache swims across the street
when it sees a bomb grinning at your door
when it sees the nostril expelling stones
when it sees three forks divergent on a path
when it sees a single fork turning toward your face
when it sees the padlock floating in your coffee
when it sees a linty mask covered with eyes
when it sees you lie in a twitching closet


thaw a clattered for
k yks facedown in
the bowl revir

nostril reads eht
sticky hair spelled
ni spinal name

door ecaf rains
up to clouds ruoy
shaped off hollow



s sw swep t orn f
inger's off yr STOVE
inhale blood's burnt

fumes my sky the
turning leg's plunged
snore engaged re

peeled redetained
.yr short fat door
yr wound up op



listón ,fragua ,lona
permeable el fuego
vapor que me os

curece el premio ,si
primerizo fuera si
mi mano se llenara de

agua si no sin o
s isi el túnel se
desaguara de ojos

Thursday, October 20, 2016



ah sí ,no era