Thursday, July 9, 2020

Friday, July 3, 2020

El Vidente

...look into the shallows of
inner outer space...

mist and smoke threads up
past spires smoky plaza was a
br ick rising was a th umb
naked in its seve rance
yr foot k icks knee tw
isted in passport soup's
rotten cage awash damp shirts un
derwear broke pants f orks a
shadow soars a fl
ashlight drips with lau
ndry oil fer mented
prince glows dans une vitrine with
charred dollars and cockroaches
,it's the crystalline door
shattered into wind w ind of
handcuffs whirring to be free o
zits and lungs thick with
ballpoint pens flags twisted into k
nots e yes lla ves d
rain exp lodes my fac
e a list crumpled in a
buried jar clouds
pour from n ear my

e a r s