Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the book drop

the dream of a library is the
dream of a shirt filled with
sandwich meat the meat your
dream of waking in a camera
the dream of stairs circling a
coffin and a coffin in your
dream the cup of coffee
you read and drop in a toilet

With Bibiana Padilla Maltos

the towel

the dream of your sister is a
dream of a hole in a tree a
dream of needles rusting in a
box is a dream of napkins
floating on a lake your dream

the mother

the dream of a towel is the
dream your lake forgot the
dream of napkins floating
in a box of rusting pins the
dream of a hollow tree
where your sister sleeps

With Bibiana Padilla Maltos

the exit A

the glass of milk a nostril
is your gravel fills your
shoe contains a hand
your nodding on the
plaza bench a sh
dowed room was is a
where your knee walked
off the curb your vein
was throbbing in the
sunset was the empty


throaBbbbtbbbb s

en el tunal dormido

chewed the f lat her h
orn ate house on dog
- apt to wrinkle – w hat
sp itter did ,i f lake – un
cow un neck un dice
re slathered with yr ngn
gnth estengchre flgnoatds
,poured ,an offal doubter
.end the end ...uh sickened
wave uh bolus chchattered
in a bowl its neck corn

Avec la lampe-tempête
- André Breton

Friday, June 26, 2015

the tissue

the dream of sleep is the
sleep of dream is the
dream of toenails
lifted from their beds is
the dream of peels and
senots the dream of maerd
swirling in a golden bowl

with Bibiana Padilla Maltos