Sunday, May 21, 2017

la fièvre de fenêtre

P or co f l âme en d e
tuned a Way yr Knot
Leg un moine qui masque
(A. de Vigny) de-importe
Wha T ime's it's yet de
cayed dethrooated dd rank
le sang de ses doigts (A. de
Vigny) morceaux des )sooner
than( e ffort emblasted inna hee
Eaving DumPster :O sp Ray me
offF me Carpal tomb gg listens
in soup I d ropped smoke in
Side your shoe a ppebbble an
wwind un f olds yr sh irt Burnt go
at's your Tiger Lung – a SSleep ins
ide your sHade ~~~~~ uhuh dim
dog cRunches thru yr t high moO
d never socked but :wrIsted grabs
a th orn oment iment's nothin's
Left ex :cept the day longs sw
eaty Lunch;;;;; LOOK OUT

swooping statue

great hot slave the
cyanide your f lecks
a walled ah in thigh
hair meat the wounded
skiff your beached sleep
saliva warms the salt
Lips Bit Round ah
Sheets jacked across
your bblood's how LLL
stones' steep fire horse
,falling in the surface

Lit in Ivan Argüelles' “Graffiti”

bomb voyage

maze condition dots your slave
your expedition symbiosis
failing in the water falls beneath
your feet a hole endangered with a
lung an imbrication face and lots o'
waves breaded in a sea your slaw
,headed for yr dung naps and
snacks .it's shivered and snored
what you ate ,what you heaved
back toward the shore