Wednesday, April 16, 2014


buy me



up ,pper
bile d
uct l
lllong s
ou p


the roller

nodder ,s hoe ASH re n
dition where yr ASH float
,r olling ASH time to pee
L the ASH yr outer l
eg g rit ual ASH the
wall yakker ASH the
bl undered for k w
ell eh ,ASH steam an
 .the entry ASH the
s tall ing ASH the uh
.able ASH fog the
YES you ASHed AS
H ASH A SH ))shut
it  .strolled across the
wide grey field.........................................

...wit  her...

the sog

log fork ,knot was KNOT w
as c linking on yr teeth K
NOT st one KNOT or l
ake ,the torrid shoe’s
KNOT ,resurgitation ,and
a flake KNOTKNOT de
pended in yr gglue yr
KNOT “forks” ,an sped a
cross the KNOT the sa
mpled water KNOT be
neath the boat KNOT
flakes sp reading in the
wind’s fluxid KNOT a K
NOT yr sp ray de swall
owed sock de chewed K
NO  T’s  de frayed but’s sc
attered KNOT so the
tiny bell’s KNOT not heard


the cluck

figuration sm oke what’s d
amped an emptied of the
upper case a basket b
urning in the rain the
burbled words but leftists
c linking in the sticky breeze yr
folded shoe details ah’s just
nor nap nor sprawled out
side the crumbling dock shed

the lower place the singulation

the foam cave

laundered FAT sandwich com
bs FAT address self-directed
FATAT glued beneath the chair’s
night FATT self-directed fetching
FAFAT novo night eyesore self-di
rectid FAT burned the lunch page
slight peppered FATTAT night
pelf directed shapes flickering th
rough the FAT eyelids FAAT’s
half serial elbows turning in the
FFAATT circles self-detected
muddied super vision TAF sight
body echo gagged in time’s
FATAT FAT furnace phase coi
led in the oven’s FAATT night
FA shelf erected T vibration’s F
AT election sockets FATTing in
the paper in the night river
in the FFFAAATTTTT rains’
shell convected in the wandered
night in the FFAT hinge tal
king in the FFAAT chains s
loshing in the sandwich

...torrint rapids...

With bits from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 71, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

the norm

AS the AS burger p
late AS some AS
soma sombra ASAS
the shaking pond AS
or AS will was AS is
ASAS inherits AS
your outer half AS
entrance not AS is AS
ASAS sum ation AS
a fog burger AS the
AS fate “redumption” AS
a hole AS a lake AS
a doorway AS pire
action ASing in the AS
ulate yr AS half sh
aken in the ASASAS bun

o  hi  m


el calzado

suéter ,suelto ,sondeo la
calaverita del escritorio de
mis ojos abrigados en la
calavera inmamantada en
lo que ya escucharé ,te es
cuchaba con los ojos en
tornados en el jarabe de
tos la jarana bailada de
mi camisondeo hasta
caeré al agua sudada por
la calle que ya se cam
inaba ,por la calaverada
de mis garabateos del
día anterior que es
cribiré sin agua en el
fondo de la tina o del
mar venidero y seco

...pez ,piedra.

the sieve

the aimless phone your ,towel
will ,hammer the coffing s
hades the ,frog aspirin you
will aspirate last week the
nameless foam your ,growl
and pills ,stammer ,the knot
your sleeve opens wham wh
am your cracking lumbar
slate your grin inside the
thickened soup your leave
the toilet pen alone and
stumble toward the plate

swim ,then...


 sweaty peas
and ’ storm ‘ ‘

the slack umbrella

the gnat 


issued the green
foot lunched

;    ;;  ;    ;      ;     ;;;;  ;   ;   

whaling ,toe

Thursday, April 10, 2014