Wednesday, July 20, 2016


the root of dust is a cloud in earth
the mind of door is a root of cloud
the fist of corn is a dusty door
the shoe of air is a fisted mirror
the watered step is a mirror of air
the shivering coin is a watered shoe
the name of noon is a shivering step
the shape of earth is no one's name

Reduzido a esqueleto de éter...
- Waly Salomão


sabor de madera si
la madera se abre
la boca tu simu
lacro era ,si es
,fue inmiscuirte
por la fisura de la
puerta en llamas
,la puerta te chamusca
la apertura Caral
y tu tiempo se sopla
por las piedras pir
amidales donde
las banderas de
plástico negro
tosen y claquean en el viento


in cornered mmiirrrroorr
aa fin all eye yr bh
unched negck reflayed
ref layed a bloodsoaked
towel ,frogs die on the
edge of roads the
roads are hands' s
ticky lint yr face
mask wore ksam eht a
wind tumbles through yr
windows reflextive of
the rooms' dark angles

me ví ahfuera me
ví ahdentro ,sin


fog hi neighbor stroke
the gun yr swollen
face receives a nostril
spewing form or for
m of sticky watches
if you watch a gnat
could flee the door a
cough in shape of
air the lunchmeat was
,you the bread and mold

Saturday, July 16, 2016


water a h
am or w ere

a glass a w ind

w w w w w w w w w