Sunday, June 17, 2018

black smoke
- for Eerie Billy Haddock

list congeals a wall dream's
clogfrontation is the babies
rotting in cages books burning
on a concrete floor
X x X X xx X
unwaken a sandwich
on your face COLOSTOMY
in your tiny screen of wonder
bread slab of dust kak
pool is the fork held
over your watch naked
feet circle the edge with
Eerie Billy's list :“envelopes
hotsauce coleslaw drano” a
mouth open ringed with

[dust pool]
[tiny bread books]

an inch of corn en el
espejo negro humo y reflujo ácido


fig urinate
last time
a wall whale


sodden paper at the back
of your eyes it's your brainfor
m ball of hair rotates slow in
dark says BLOGTCH an o
range exexutif ggags sus
2 agujeros de mierda en
foque de lluvia o saliva pega
josa – pergamino del fulgor
desollado – pellejo de-escrito
como mis olvidos – que no
recuerdo que ni recuerdo
cómo me llamo cómo me
llamé cómo la llama d
rains swallow my shshoe y
camino como escalera sin
peldaños my shirt a fog
unfocused was is lung and ants

My eyes are full of cement.
- Joseph Ceravolo

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


inbred the shoe that
burns in the heart of a
beast N'AURA EU
LIEU )Mallarmé( do
ors fall off why wind re
turns snrut er ror de
layed yr exit comes tumb
ling in shadows naguères
d'ou sursauta son délire
)Mallarmé( calzado del
aire armado camimino
hacia el martes
ya olvidado my socks
on backward drawkcab re
turn to my wheezing eyye
,mantis alert on my sleeve
slowly raises an arm

...coupant au ras les bonds...
- Stéphane Mallarmé