Wednesday, July 23, 2014


cave-sopped face be
neath sooner than
an armpit ,reef below
.ah clouds pillowed
out the mouth nest
led fork hides
yr rising shirt the
horizonte was el
fin del aire o el
air agua era
amortajada en
las murallas
piedra caliza

...qui tangue et lève un noir beaupré.
- José-Maria Heredia

itchy leg

pleasant corn
flies a neck
cogotillo insec
tívoro ate
eye was th
rough next we
ek a coin
speaks d
ripping ear
dust g rumbles
in the closet

lunch and socks



shame fog er
clam indu
cement the log
inside yr leg g
ristle an c
loud peels
yr fork re
growls the
tune in
fanticide was
is the bottle
buried in a
lake will
gun lo mismo
20 sweats a
yer las nu
bes alambradas



ajo ojo ajo ojo ajo
ojo ajo ojo ajo ojo
ajo ojo ajo ojo ajo
ojo ajo ojo ajo ojo
ajo ojo sotted ojo ajo
ojo ajo ojo ajo ojo
ajo ojo ajo ojo ajo
ojo ajo ojo ajo ojo
ajo ojo ajo ojo ajo

node controls

thriving worms the
counter swallow in
digests the teeth and
telephone pocket
vibrated with the
letter suits and
lusty nails or
frenchfries in the
shoe cylindrio
puncture retinal
whirling beneath
the hat cloudy turn
ips’ insect shirt
your fraud photo
capitapit your
cesspit choking in
the fingered gasoline
the week the week
the week the week
the week the week
the week the week
potential chicken
fuck executive
language spieliologist
reinforms the vis
ual caterpillar
pickled in the
basement’s meat
tree nut attrition

begins ,explodes

With sacrifices from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 80, 2014

dire fonética

flickering mountains sleep de
Guatemuz las sombras se
lanzan to lose a finger de
sus tumbas polvorosas al
phabets of winged altares
serán sus trickling seconds
siervos miserables buried
in the grass back again entre
dolor y entre cadenas the
trees y tanta sangre ruins
of palaces de los surcos
con sudor que humea
en los campos empty
in the flooded eye
the dark torrentes
possessed by dust y
recuerdos de the
first letters the
names of nieblas densas
incoherent mass de los
males del hombre mor
ning glory and somnolent
water serán las fuentes
del saber why didn’t
you call why d
idn’t you call el
universo os contempla
vosotros flickering red dots
seguirán encendidos a porfía

After Ivan Argüelles’ “orphic cantos, 49”, 2014,
& José María Heredia’s “Oda a los habitantes
de Anáhuac”, 1822.

dire fon

week week week week week
week week week week week
week week week week week
week week week week week
week week LUNCH week week
keep it keep it keep it keep it
keep it keep it keep it keep it
keep it keep it keep it keep it
keep it keep it keep it keep it


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


cara o agua my
hand slept in a
towel de moscas
plena pleniataúd del
aire mis guantes
aguanto el fin ya
vino la sangre
futilante outside
the wwall ccoins
and a pplastic bbottle
foot bound in a lake

...par voile et vapeur vole et roule...
- Alfred de Vigny


a veces

es pora y radica en la
to ponimia en lo ni
mio en lo fofo de tus pi
es afónicos pies que
hahablé de mi sue
ño peperiférico y y eee
eentré y enenttré la se
milla de mi momuerte
de mi mmuuerte mom
omentánea que te
llega que te llega ra
dical y

so  porífica



took the sho
rter hairs sp outing
from yr face was
where I caminaba por
el lago zapateado nigh
tly sky resea led with
p acking t ape yr
shorter ch est c lean
shaved a storm yr
pouted sh ape comp
action me ví la
cara sin es pejo bo
ca lacunal un ojo
verde un ojO pie dra
compartido con la hoja




flood suit snore clam sweat
shoal teems loot plow nostril
gate runt damp stone fly
clot lung soap pistol fence
lot task shoulder swat stool
lint flayed welt cold knacker
closet wind toilet flame coil
siezure frog tongue glad to
shimmers sock mind toil mat
weave compression seats loud start

over here

where I stepped and s
tank the riddled cloud
;;;;;                       hat
benched in nor p
lowed the muscled grass
neck’s                     ,,,,,
con fusion in the lock
er room an numb
ers dimming on a
tiny screen just s
tep off here off
here’s the air em
bank ment throw



the shoulder

beast responder ,fog nnote
‘s b last numb er laun
dered in the sosoup yr
fis t remembered in the
spinal ggate or  ...steam
esffincter eff ort sa
id expected chord agkno
tted in yr gneck yr
cloudy socks lifted in yr
uh ,ooospoonooooo──


the itch

I spread the window sp
read the breeze will o
pen where the wall will
spread the hand I
held against the gl
ass is splattered with
your blood a hand
was closing in the fog is
churned in breeze

...slope and...

the definition

it was heaving THE the
abstinhocker swoll THE
should was is will THE
be cold in hot the fau
cet shakes THE wind
streaking from THE d
rain what THE is will
THE stop be THE static
mouth THE nodding laun
dry THE sw agger f
olded in yr attic said
THE what’s coughing T
HE singulation scattered
lung The  emptied of its

ho   he