Thursday, December 5, 2019

arrival dancing said

arrival dancing said message arrived
spoke ashamed watch not truth eyes
timid seen perhaps ugly not house
revive pain progress compelled pesters
rags mountains burn songs price
danced dog revive face wag surely
one next heart face extracted
surely see grabbed head face leaf
drunk arise to us grabbed it dead
torn open sensed next self him
stuffed ants weep named our names
endured our faces word become
now blood not grass importance
seizure loss day ruin strife
foundation ruins violence maize
dried pit incense center house
level time earth burned name sprouts

De-reading the Popol Vuh - 18

egg text

your weight glowing on the
couch thinking mirror mud
dirty eggs slush poesía ar
sénica knotted suit silt yr
sudden nylon emptied flea
illuminsalot broke legshands
inmemorates the knack text

pie shit

pie es sp ear row school
adusted gel dilute fork rat
squirming manuscript worms
ah wrong fish hub diameter
descripted liips fire foams'
facit horse curse , copies yours
,ashtray urged with shiit

After Jim Leftwich's dReams EAt ThE ReaL ,
2019, (August 7, 8, 29)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

inderelente ya
- Con Juan Ángel Italiano

el bufano el bufalaño babalamba
balambalaba los gatabalos bufangandan
gafagagarbufándigos sonídados inde
testinales mi balababalaba inconceniciente
olvidádedos reincordados no sé nadarana
no sé lumbraectomía no sé infoneticantes
que surgen de mi agujeronte in divisibulonte
inrogarelente indocente e indactilibalante
bufante del papelodo que por la retetaza nada