Monday, December 11, 2017

xXx it

in a cloud cave an eye breaks
a flailing train was gravel burning
on tracks' lava baggage strewn
across dark grass neural love
unbearable pigeons drown swirl
dead around a drain loose
ill usion in an army's ink
alas en llamas al filo del
precipicio the dual narratives'
darker inaction on the waves
memory rolls in your sodden paper
///\\\/\\////\\\\ name's tormented keys

With gravel crushed from Unbearable by
Ivan Argüelles & Sound Ritual Number 86

by Bill Beamer & Jim Leftwich

clouded bulb

bush mute or ,facial sore inre
lapsant age of dripping in the dark
emergencia de un barco sin rodill
as omnífoco back a meaty head or
freezer closet dim light is
fog sleeping in an alley bananos
destrozados respiran en la
boca de la cuadra a boot b
rushed with blood falls off a
ADAS que no me abro que no
me cierro ni encierro ni deabro
por fin ,ninguneo es ,laundry
forgotten in a damp memory bank
rush your suit engage your snore

“imbécil funerario k nos acecha”

the burning bell

sweaty fork bilked yr freedom
box hinges turned to rotten
meat's head maggot slamming
off the lid TOGGAM XOB your
fingers crunched in a book lose
your snore yr checkout counter
bright with cranial seepage
spongy eyes
your sticky cheeks
beak faucet claw your
way into a ffurnace yr
slit tongue sspeakss aa mmaskk
turns inside out the screee
kching money screen stumbles
down a path through burning woods

arde cuanto no arde y hasta
el dolor dobla el pico en risa.

- César Vallejo

Friday, December 8, 2017