Friday, February 24, 2017


health insurance robots bash
the door ow greasy teeth
ggnash out chunks
of face its air was
bloody sand foams in the
wounds you sleep next a
wall ciggy butt your
ear you heard the
nothing with you heard the
sumpin' wit' ,it's mud sw
irling in a spoon your
pen bends leaks your
throat AGE AND FOG
time to spit the
thinning plate a
startled shadow
blood and eyes


page o
s s s s s
o c

fface yr soap

last bites

yr heaving neck a
hoy wut hal fer
said it off in
sides thud hump
a .way away buts
tame when pried
,storm then sec
or after up a drain
.was flast er th
roat in bed was
,beam acrashed the
dock but is was
beats the bread be
,at's a b read

the name then died

Sunday, February 19, 2017


sagis fati cero te's
early ratalert orbent
lu face u fflag re
bate ,geracto clot my
grind erbabblation
karnivalent floods
of lies eat .rocks
cue shord nuts d
ry in epaglireal :ad
normal, tememos el
pulque que vomiraste
has ,ardork dogs the cling
nest c lock clock cloc
k yr rostrum donut
gate inside the
nnothing was a surp
lus wrench ,gaseous
water streams out
the eyes yr letter
thrink in .lettuce
bloody hold yr
ear legumes the
gauges circle the
auges circle the ga
uges ccircle

After Jim Leftwich's
Heisenberg omnivorous vacuum muzak”


the laughter dog will
forced a gating maw
replies was be a
tool demorrowed ,for
micator drew the
joke off will .pull
the ham pull the h
am you snorting's
watch the wallet
after fog will come
las' week .bilge
am mime ,run guff
aw cross the
barking wall