Sunday, May 4, 2014

the chair

roof detamination and ,p
antsless ,behind the dump
ster ,slime and gnats
,the doubted clouds re
gather in your eye’s
repellant ,or whine of
heated steel ,writ ,like
yr shirt’s ,with’s end
condition ,time redacted
,in the outer air where
yr never’s skirts ,ch
offing the mildewed b
un replied ,the ghost of
sausage in its pleats
and folds ,your textual
hat in the sky once s
ailed ,falling on your back

Porte sourde! - Fenêtre aveugle!
- Théophile Gautier


the steam

the piled legs the heads
were where or ,d ot d
ud pl  ...ease of coughing the shadow  ...where the
bright sweat spills  ...and
all yr garbanzos derr
amados  ...the pants are
where the  ...doubled
spoon wanders in the c

              a h kk ch ew            t


the was

lept before the sc
reen  )ti me sn ore(  s
lave of llightht a cree
ping ,shaving ,formed w
as boiling aairr  ...))c
loud kknott(((...  ))door
dust.....(  ...stum bled a
cross the street...  wh

           ...the ]lock[ burns~...

the book

spending the door or link
which ,sorta swallowed
what the door rescinded
was the link to spending
all the commas or the
rebar of your lovely
coma was that slos
hing in the wall be
hind the sink where
yr sock was lost wh
ere the sink your
eye inhales fills with
soaking snapshots of
your prion face your
prior N apping was
the wall that’s cr
ashing in yr cra
nia like a drunk a



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