Wednesday, April 16, 2014


buy me



up ,pper
bile d
uct l
lllong s
ou p


the roller

nodder ,s hoe ASH re n
dition where yr ASH float
,r olling ASH time to pee
L the ASH yr outer l
eg g rit ual ASH the
wall yakker ASH the
bl undered for k w
ell eh ,ASH steam an
 .the entry ASH the
s tall ing ASH the uh
.able ASH fog the
YES you ASHed AS
H ASH A SH ))shut
it  .strolled across the
wide grey field.........................................

...wit  her...

the sog

log fork ,knot was KNOT w
as c linking on yr teeth K
NOT st one KNOT or l
ake ,the torrid shoe’s
KNOT ,resurgitation ,and
a flake KNOTKNOT de
pended in yr gglue yr
KNOT “forks” ,an sped a
cross the KNOT the sa
mpled water KNOT be
neath the boat KNOT
flakes sp reading in the
wind’s fluxid KNOT a K
NOT yr sp ray de swall
owed sock de chewed K
NO  T’s  de frayed but’s sc
attered KNOT so the
tiny bell’s KNOT not heard


the cluck

figuration sm oke what’s d
amped an emptied of the
upper case a basket b
urning in the rain the
burbled words but leftists
c linking in the sticky breeze yr
folded shoe details ah’s just
nor nap nor sprawled out
side the crumbling dock shed

the lower place the singulation


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