Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mirror Crickets

m y we nt ha lf tur
ned ,loo ked fou
nd the sta yed the
cor ner ed st
icky düst..... )the
air sin Tlaloc’s de
ad...( that sh
ade snap ping an rol
ling do wn the st
eps ~~~~~ ¿I¿ the
go ne ?I? the he
re the cri cricrick
ets shicrimmering
on the wall

Flooded Mirror

loot noster the ,login
cave my trees sp
illing off yr fork
what touseled n
eck invection or
yr weed speech
tangled in the
storm drain b
lack dog droo
ling on the p
orch yr len
gua sandwich
sinking where the
lawn once was

you ,the “beach” are
you ,the

The Cleaned Mirror

ththunk sttool ah so
ap f ever sp reading
f lagg the seemer ,bag
.temo escuintli eaten
them tiny bbones UN
ark contamination an
ffestered meal loudly
ggagggingg on my fforkk
)or llaundry ffoam
yr ,chin’s rrun ddo

)licking off the floor_______,(

the bright sky opens

Mirror of the Fromage

cheese ,loops ,stones ,my
cloud ,stem flavor ,should
,esencia ,stroke ,the sl
ather ,bout ,sore ,cr
awln out, blessé ,shorndt
,ow neck uh ,hymn sc
ourge ,flavor of the feet
,my murmur bone ,inti
mate ,so snore so ,ek
ek snore ,so mate inta
,bone murmur ,my fee
t of flavor ,scour
ge ,hymn uh neck
,ow shorndt ,blessé ,out
,awln cr ,the sore bout s
lather ,stroke ,esencia
,should flavor ,stem cloud
,my stones ,)))loops cheese


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