Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Hole of Time

crashed through that lens’ nightly crystal st
op my coughing trash sandal //hop hop\\ breaded
leg and I snapped the earpiece .the tomb hash t
he wrist leak the \\flooded socket// saw my
thumbing loaf .my rocks crawl and gutter my
hands circle in my sleep my sleep thought for
got .my slawn face my .blooded window
,rice sandwich bubbling in the laundry



d s
r p

Water Is In the Mountain

my page leak my numb smile hanging in my sh
irt lapsed fog wrinkled index of the hash last
night you raised the bowl .spoons and files .flies
.speak a comb your stage of saturation glossy ha
nd itches beneath my belt your nails cru
sted with my blood that looming tree beside
the crumbling steps that falling hair those he
ads steaming in a well .so I slept be fore the


see ng

to re



rusty claw

the drools


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