Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It Was There

said the stormgun ,half my head
an floaty thing ,stun one ,cap
of shit .I was flavored and less ,t
rusted in a gummy suit a foamy
wore a crash kak or krac said
.my shiny pustule weather my
grim dung leg my pocket’s sock
or lint the grimy puzzle of your
calf lifted toward the toilet
.where the air turns red and wet



Crossing The

bubbled form or ascua ,namey
shorts thumbtacked to the wall
ah my ah cloud ,numenismatic and
unnumbered my ear numbed be
tween your teeth and said .is
sue stumbleweed is son de olas for
tress glowing is a shroud ?is is
?nested corn and luggage a fi
eld of melons ,crows ,smoking
engines o my trouble’s coughing
just a single bean rattling on the
plate and the spoon’s conjoined
,something in my ear a


tiny light

thumb luck



a bove da


too l


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