Tuesday, November 3, 2009


hug room
lug t’ame

oh the long lack the


stone flamer
lot cave the



long bell
reap muzzle
chud collapse

the water thinks


border cozy
lap lab
benster comb
the dank
the dnak

Flat Lunch

porcine flatter haul my crash my
net dimmer than ,a suit guzzled a
mine it’s ,doubt an dumbed the
corn hill clacking in your wind .th
e tool dirt the morn number el
bow burnt against ,towel ash
,bent an mattered all puzzled wa
fted shine against the whizzing
sky-borne “pill” low fuzz heap
ing in my sandwich that I sat
back on ,mayo curdled in a sack


that “formal” buzz or coat drop ,dizzy
page bumbled at the phone a key
board glows beneath the glue a
lapse and spitty faucet doubles for
your hand .my rental eye my bub
bled knee you fondled in the clos
et je m’en fuí ,deeper in deet than
icecream cuddled in yr shorts oh t
hat’s my walk about my plun
ging toward that normal fuzz that
boat low and sloshing with your stew


grown a nap I paid my louder
foam my half hat half stone fell
into your lap I churned and slept
.the mud lamp squeezed the pencil
burned .half a scissor combed my
speeding ear or what you said a
freeze warring ,apts to cave o
craze nuster ,nutgty ,lake flap
slopped my chase or eye “so near”
so amplitude of cheese and sticky
sheet rising toward the ceiling light


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