Monday, November 2, 2009

The Cave

tap the yield your door blazes with
a suit and stomach timed the knob .Mr.
Logocractic spread its sands and sed:
dice shadow ,mime the fog ,open what
was clothes your spilling age leak
stuttery all it was ,a neck thump cove
the waves drown in ,the drippy lip to
p my mouth it’s yours the clouds swirl
out its necktie floating in the wind...
and who’s it’s swallowed ,gurggling
far beneath the “teeth”


date the clinging to my throat you
coffer fling ,tapes and thumbs ,pile
a stamper of ,me maet coal stunning
lather boiling in my shoes .I step
ped on down the shaking guns the m
ile lamper’s guest ,what spun dome wh
at issue ants what aptitude of clos
ets flips the page .puffer ,sleeper
,lagger ,smashed the plates the boat rum
bling while my pockets fill with pee


ice and grease and cups and gnats and
plenty bullets in your pocket like a
bladder nod my elbow drunk or is
your bucket stalled with puke ?dunk
shoulder wheel you spraddled chunks ‘a
naps left below my collar like my
crawling hair my mice and swallow up
the pants and sweaty pullets dying in
a heap .it’s time you cuddled turd it’s
time I “smelt the sidewalk”


ggripping the ggas the
ept empty one

size an lumpy


ro de caga
r entrar y


furth eye grame
enda f rame
oh yesee
“was s”

hat and log

smmelt the rice
the loong sp lash
easy head


sondeo the
burnee bookee
save spine


gasp tongue loofa
un piles

flog the map


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