Monday, October 13, 2014

shoe stroke

meat and mystery the L
OST CLOT yr focussed un
guent focus regurgplacation
cast “upon” the sea upon the TH
egressed grease door
compacted with the louder
trash louder than inde
jection ,blutwurst gl
ass named Ümlaüt ,Trance
)your frequent shoe
,quailer before the thro
atless sandwich bef
ore the atlas T  walked
across the floor and w
allked acrost the ffloor
Ni lu ni compris?
- Paul Valéry


le lit

the leaking suit the shirt
saw dust falling off the
sheet I slept in blood s
lept in me crawled a fog a
gainst the window pues
tu pierna final andaba
por la luz del baño full
of mothths and ssand ...m..
..w.....m...w.......   dr ink
the water off yr leg  yr
flayed pants knotted round
yr neck said grunting dog said
lint wet lint wet lint w et l int

Ce bruit secret des eaux...
                                        - Paul Valery



rutted neck the eye g
 ) raft closed or neck sp
0 out case closed the
business moon case sw
eltered half moon knife
yr blink knife plunged
in cake or leg plunged c
loudy eye yr sullen leg
boiled cash eyes the g
utted neck moon case
leg your knife rut boiled

...las grandes torres negras
todavía se elevan...
                                        - Juan Eduardo Cirlot


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