Monday, October 6, 2014

tempor hangg

thimpai nn corck he
nor fell in nas league
Pord porquería infu
infinítida oon sp
spoeaking ttime tha
h ipome whey relendt
en pudas en forma en
chamberr sseepp re
visible not inconta
.op nor cap ,me hen
.daek evL corn h
hhouse enmergint
morpE corppse was
fire was fire was

go e for e gclo ckkkkk

Defracked with some dust from “pome”
by Billy Bob Beamer & Jim Leftwich,

“nor mal”

possibilities throat re
fried lost sandwich
shitted on the stairs
also deep my sdru
words worm-cards
socklint’s reeking
chef stabs the fl
floor goat flapping
o mord o nord o mord
er los ttenedores
tod howling in the
mouth the morphine
dog pit fragrance
suit inscribed with
inscribed with inin
scribed writ scrit nos
nostrildamus sand
and xerox knotted
in yr foodt  .therappy
reburns ,the publis

With eats from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 86, 2014


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