Wednesday, September 3, 2014


bore the swirling loom k
not loot nor swell nor
swoll the thumping foot
the insect face lurks
in’s hairs your hand
departs - crawls in
comb your fog and lint

bisturi de cordel


watch twice

plunge a head eh
water ec bu
cal atl be ak
now ledge l
ung d rift e d
ouble .s.l.e.e.
p.i.n.g.’s cru
mbled rain’s tw
itchy leg will
to folded mor
row c rippled
in the cave
was song de
t exted what
a face and
loud :“the d
ragging neck”

sure ,an spaltered

hang around

bboil the ddoor
yr rat her was
will combinize
ek dream your
empty sock re
crawls relit
igates you’ll
buy some chalk
was trees a
gainst the wallll
will write for
getting out the
scalding knob the
pen you’ll hold
was leaves’
reversal in the
wiind the w      d   d

loop  loop  loop  loop


rent clung dork wide flag
wipe sot back flap core
sweat neat tube sun mute
canchre shed skin dust swath
mist wet peak boiled bloom
smelter grime passage spent rut
crime exhalation nod plum dead
twister wire flys ahead neck
blot mood cave spending flame
squatter learnt nut hot drops



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