Friday, August 29, 2014

feed the map

letters wind bleak sword be
came running water writing ma
chine sock feast’s melted hoe
out on the beach half one tex
t half the other’s roof hair
sleight of mind turns the page fr
ame on conveyer belts floo
ding future explicatic blood
spheres of perfection two halves
of human organ ism vacuum
scissors litter ,dead fish st
ench head is heavy spits out
books door cramps future sac
rificial rites plays and poems
maps foetid chance on bed
of mown grass feed into the
machine roots doors weather
fangs worn from heaving in
visibly in the pages of their
own sweat’s ocean word-rinds
passing language time half
dead leaf juxtaposition choice
genuine chant absorbs the d
arkening flight darkening f
light darkening flight pro
vides the result’s embedded
proportion of diagonal suck
tides beneath the sm
all white pebbles shifts
the result milk in a few

- window rotting at the far end of creeks -
- William S. Burroughs

Hack of Jim Leftwich, Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 83, 08.11.14; Ivan Argüelles, “orphic cantos”, 95,
2014; and William S. Burroughs, The Ticket That
Exploded, “writing machine”, Oliver Harris edition, 2014.


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